PCYBA Newsletters


April/May 2010 Newsletter


1. U10’s CVL League Update:

Congratulations to our Tamaraws Under 10’s for finishing 4th in the Surrey League in our first season.  The team managed 4 wins in total and didn’t finish last which was a great achievement, considering it’s a first time for all to play in a league format.  As we were one of the youngest team in the league, most of our players will still qualify as U10’s next season, while most of the older players from the other teams will move up an age group. I hope this experience will give the players more confidence and belief and should expect to do even better next season. 

To recognise this great achievement, PCYBA held a medal presentation on Sunday 21st of March for all the players who took part.

Game’s reports and results are available to view on the website.

2. PCYBA Development Programmes:

PCYBA Development Programme is still ongoing.  As mentioned from the previous February/March Newsletter, the Academy will be introducing an internal league for the Under 12’s where a match will take place once a month.  The teams will be coached by our new Level 1 coaches and the table will be done by our new Level 1 table officials.  I plan to have all the details in place by June 6th and the first match to be played by June 27th.

Watch this space!


3. Training Dates Notice:

Please make a note of the training dates below for May, June & July. These dates are also available to view on the website.



9th, 16th, 23rd  – Open Training

30th,  – CLOSED. No Training 


6th, 13th, 20th  – Open Training

27th, – Open Training for U18 / Internal League Game for U12 (to be confirmed).



4th, 11th – Open Training

18th – CLOSED. No Training due to BARRIO FIESTA

25th, – Open Training for U18 / Internal League Game for U12 (to be confirmed).



Ross Ordoña


February/March 2010 Newsletter


1. U10’s CVL League Update:

The Under 10’s Tamaraws are doing well than expected and have managed 3 wins so far and positioned 4th on the league table.  There is no CVL matches arranged for February and the last game of the season will be on March 14th with the later start time of 10:00am.  All these information are available to view on our website.

To end the CVL season and to recognise the children’s achievements, I will be arranging a medal presentation to all U10’s that played in the games on the next training day March 21st so please ensure that your child is present on that day in order to receive a medal. 


2. PCYBA Development Programmes:

PCYBA has a programme in place of developing some of the older players and volunteers acquire qualifications in coaching, refereeing & table officiating.  To date, the academy has successfully trained two Level 1 Assistant Coaches, five Level 1 Table Officials and one Level 2 Referee.  In order to link all our development programmes, we will be organising a league format matches for the Under 12’s once a month to enable our new coaches, referees & table officials to apply and practice their newly acquired knowledge and also to help our young players with their development of playing and understanding the rules of the game. We will initially introduce the once a month matches to the Under 12’s and extend to the Under 18’s once we have enough players to make up two teams. The planned date to commence these monthly matches will be May 30th, but this will depend on the availability of all.  I will keep you posted closer to the date. If anyone else wants to get involved in the programme (players, parents or volunteers) on becoming a qualified coach or officials, please see me to discuss it.


 3. Membership Renewals:

A reminder to some of you that Membership Renewal for 2010 is now due.  The deadline will be February 28th and anyone who fails to renew by this date will need to pay the non-members training fee of £4.00.


4. Training Dates Notice:

Please make a note of the training dates below for February, March & April.  As you will notice from the dates, we have a lot of closures during March & April. This is due to planned holidays and also a necessary cost cutting exercise until further funding has been approved. These dates are also available to view on the website.



7th, 14th, 21st – Open Training

28th – Open Training (Goal Setting Presentation)


7th – Open Training

14th – NO TRAINING (U10’s CVL Game)

21st – Open Training (CVL Medals Presentation)

28th,  – CLOSED. No Training  



4th, 11th, 18th – CLOSED. No Training

25th  – Open Training



October/November 2009 Newsletter


1. U10’s CVL League Update:

The Under 10’s Tamaraws made a good start in their first league season.  Although they lost the first 2 games, they were still in good spirits which gave them the energy and confidence to play the last game and get their first win on the season. Results and brief reports of the games are available to view on the team website (www.tamarawsbasketball.com).


2. Volunteer Request Outcome:

Just an update to inform you that the volunteer request letter I distributed to help the club get a Clubmark Accreditation status has resulted in 3 volunteers.   These volunteers will be given the necessary information such as Roles Descriptions in due course.  If anybody else feels that they would like to volunteer and take on an active role in the development of the club, please let me know as I will need all the help I can get.  


3. Changes to Training Time & Fee from January 2010:

Most of the players on the Under 12’s session have requested to extend their training by an extra 30 minutes as they feel the 1 hour isn’t enough.  The only way I can make this possible is by taking 30 minutes from the Under 18’s session and reduce theirs to 1hr 30min of training.  After consulting with most of the players and parents, all are in agreement with these new training times, and since the U12 is gaining 30 minutes from this new arrangement, it is only reasonable that the fee is adjusted accordingly for all.  Therefore, the under U12’s new training time will be 3:00 - 4:30pm and the fee will increase from £2 to £3, while the Under 18’s new training time will be 4:30 – 6:00pm and the fee reduced from £4 to £3. 

This new arrangements will come in effect from January 2010 so it should give you enough notice to make the necessary adjustments.


4. Training Dates Notice:

Please make a note of the training dates below for November, December & January 2010.  It is also available to view on the team website.


November 2009:

1st, 8th – Open Training

15th – NO TRAINING (U10’s CVL Game)

22nd, 29th – Open Training


December 2009:

6th – Open Training for U12’s ONLY.   NO TRAINING FOR U18’s. (Most of the players will be attending a table official’s course)

13th – NO TRAINING (U10’s CVL Game)

20th – Open Training (Last training of the year)

27th – NO TRAINING. Sport Centre Closed.  


January 2010: (New training times & fee as per point 3 above applies)

3rd – NO TRAINING. Sport Centre Closed.

10th  – Open Training

17th – NO TRAINING (U10’s CVL Game)

24th, 31st – Open Training