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U10's Surrey CVL Cup Final 2011

The Tamaraws ended this season on a high note by winning the U10’s Surrey CVL League Cup Final against the current champion and holder of the cup Kingston Wildcats.  The Wildcats played well during the regular season and resulted in finishing top of the league with Tamaraws finishing second.

When the season started, the U10’s all set a goal that they will meet Kingston in the Cup Final and beat them.  Even after all the 3 defeats to Kingston during the regular season they still talked about playing them in the Final, and were almost derailed when they lost 1 game to Spelthorne Atoms.

The Tamaraws played a perfect game.  From sharing the ball & helping others to score, to making defence stops and offence/defence rebounding.  They spaced themselves around the floor and used the space wisely which gave them rooms to work the ball inside to execute plays.  Even though the players were scoring the baskets almost at will, I believe that it was the brilliant defence by every single player that won the game.  The Kingston Wildcats U10’s are a very good & strong scoring team and they’ve proved that by scoring 20-30 points per game during the regular season and by finishing top of the league table.  So holding them to a single digit points is credit to the outstanding defence effort by all.

As it was the top 2 teams playing in the final, it was a fitting end to the season with the Wildcats winning the League and the Tamaraws winning the Cup.

A BIG congratulations to both teams for making it an exciting season and for entertaining the parents and supporters of both teams on this last game of the season!   

Game Results:

PCYBA Tamaraws 22 - 8 Kingston Wildcats

Finals MVP:  Brandon Zapanta

Tamaraws MVP's:  Robert Dela Rosa & Jordan Manangan

Tamaraws Game Stats:

A Vicera:            Stl 1, Ast 1
E. Ordoña:          Ast 2, Blk 1, Reb 1
B. Vicera:            Pts 2, Ast 4, Stl 2, Reb 2
P. Babaran:         Stl 2, Blk 1  
B. Zapanta:         Pts 6, Stl 1
R. Dela Rosa:      Pts 12, Ast 1, Stl 1
D. Pariñas:         Stl 1, Blk 1
P. Patel:              Pts 2, Ast 1, Reb 2
J. Manangan:     Blk 2, Reb 5
B. Niklekaj:       Stl 1, Ast 2

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Video by Niña