Under 10's CVL Games Report

Sunday 18th October 2009

Game 1: PCYBA Tamaraws  8  -  12  Spelthorne Atoms

First league game for the club and for all the players. They started off nervously but managed to hold off the opponent with good team defence.  First quarter finished very close and the team was only 0-2 behind.   The players came out in the second quarter more confident and raring to go as they can feel they are more than capable of competing and getting a good result.  The Tamaraws crowd at this point are feeling confident too and are making themselves heard and transferring their energy to all the players.  The whole place erupted with cheers as the Tamaraws scored their first basket of the league and once again played good defence to finish the quarter just 2-4 behind.  The third quarter effort was even better and was rewarded with 2 more baskets but still trailed 6-10.  Another tireless team effort on the fourth quarter and were giving themselves a chance to win by playing good team defence and getting their share of opportunities to score more baskets, but just seems unable to convert them.  The team spirit remained high even with the loss at the end. They know they played well as a team and with the same kind of effort, it won’t be long before they get their first win, and they kept a good team like Spelthorne Atoms to only 12 points by playing good team defence. 

Game 2: PCYBA Tamaraws  8  -  16  Kingston Wildcats

Most of the players are excited about playing against Kingston Wildcats because the last friendly game they played, the Tamaraws was badly beaten by a well organised team.  They want to show that they have improved and are now worthy opponents.  Both teams played well but only managed to finish the first quarter with a 2-2 score.  The Tamaraws supporters are keeping up the noise level to let the players know that they are still behind them.  Second quarter is more of the same as both team were unable to convert scoring opportunities and at the same time playing good defence and ended the quarter neck and neck with a 4-4 score on the board.  The third and fourth quarters were very different.  The Tamaraws lost concentration and made lots of errors that Kingston Wildcats took advantage of and managed to put 6 points per quarter while we were only able to put 2 points per quarter.   The Tamaraws were still happy with the result because they know they gave a good team performance and only lost due to lack of concentration and simple mistakes at the end which they learnt from.  They were also glad that they kept a respectable score this time round and held Kingston Wildcats to 16 points in comparison to their last meeting.  This is once again due to a good team defence.     


Game 3: PCYBA Tamaraws  24  -  14  MV Phoenix

Although the team narrowly lost the last 2 games, their spirits are still up because they know they’ve played well enough and could have won them.  The Tamaraws supporter also knows this and sensed that this could be the game that could give them their first win.   With full of confidence, they made a quick start and quickly put 6 points on the board and the Tamaraws supporters  at this point are now going crazy.   MV Phoenix kept their composures and made their own run and ended the first quarter with 6-6 each.  The Tamaraws continued the momentum on the second quarter and scored 6 more points while holding MVP Phoenix to just 2 points with their good defence.  Third quarter was more even and both team scored 4 points each.  The momentum once again swung towards the Tamaraws on the fourth quarter and converted most of their scoring opportunities.  With every baskets scored, the supporters got louder and excited which fired up the players to keep playing hard on both ends of the floor.  Once again the team defence was so good that MV Phoenix only scored 2 points and held them to a respectable 14 points.

As an overall performance, the team started off slow with their offence which is expected as it’s their first time playing in a league format with other teams, but grew in confidence with each game played.  What’s noticeably impressive is the way they played team defence and helped each other out and kept all the teams they played below 20 points.

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